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POC Advisor in the News: Mosaic Life Care Taps Wolters Kluwer POC Advisor™ to Reduce Sepsis Severity and Deaths, Enhance Quality Strategies

MINNEAPOLIS - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Wolters Kluwer Health today announced that Mosaic Life Care will leverage the real-time clinical surveillance and analytics of POC Advisor™ to improve sepsis outcomes as part of a larger quality improvement initiative. The clinical intelligence platform is considered a crucial patient safety solution for the nationally-recognized hospital and plays an integral role in advancing its position as a high-quality organization. Read more at Business Wire

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POC Advisor in the News: How Early Sepsis Detection Can Save Lives: A Call for Help During National Health IT Week

Sepsis is a unique condition in that its cure is already established. What's needed is a better way to detect it before it's too late. See how POC Advisor is contributing to the solution. Read more at Healthcare Informatics

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POC Advisor in the News: Integrated Decision Support Platform Tackles Sepsis

Wolters Kluwer, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, will integrate its POC Advisor real-time clinical surveillance and analytics platform with the Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution from Hiteks Solutions Inc, New York, for inclusion of structured and unstructured documentation to make them immediately actionable. The collaboration will make possible real-time analysis of physician notes about infection sources, chronic comorbidities, and other clues to the presence of sepsis. Doing so will improve the efficacy of sepsis alerts and patient-specific treatment advice that POC Advisor delivers to clinicians at the point of care. Read more at Clinical Lab Products

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POC Advisor in the News: Halifax Health engaged in stealth war on sepsis

A single question drives some of the decision-making in the emergency room at Halifax Health Medical Center: Does this patient have an infection? In medicine, few things are as elusive as sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition triggered when the body responds to an infection. If it’s caught early, it can be contained and treated. But the symptoms - a fever, difficulty breathing or a rapid heart rate - are so common the condition often is not diagnosed. Read more at the Daytona Beach News-Journal

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Unpacking “Analytics in a Modern Healthcare Setting” at the Health IT Summit

The volume of patient data is growing exponentially—as are the innovative ways it can be leveraged to improve clinical and non-clinical outcomes. Those ideas will be the focus of a May 11th panel discussion at the Health IT Summit in Chicago that includes Wolters Kluwer’s own Stephen Claypool, MD, medical director of Clinical Software Solutions. During "Forward-Thinking Examples of Analytics in a Modern Healthcare Setting," which begins at 11:15 a.m. CDT, Dr. Claypool will discuss his experiences in designing, developing and engineering clinical decision support software, including his team’s successes and the challenges the industry faces going forward. He will be joined by Matthew Hartzman, former CIO at the College of American Pathologists; Preston M. Simmons, FACHE, interim CEO of Providence Health & Services, Western Washington; and Alex Veletsos, CIO at Ascension Health and [...]

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New York’s Sepsis Leadership Saves Lives

In 2012, The New York Times released an article covering the tragic death of 12-year-old Rory Staunton, who died from sepsis days after cutting his arm in a fall at school. Last week, five years later, the newspaper released a follow-up article highlighting the impact that his death has had on the New York healthcare system and the thousands of lives saved. The Rory Staunton Foundation, founded in April 2012 by Rory’s parents, Orlaith and Ciaran Staunton, was a catalyst that led New York State to require that all the state’s hospitals use evidence-based sepsis protocols that improve early diagnosis and accelerate treatment. New York’s program was the first of its kind to address sepsis, which remains the deadliest condition to treat in critical care units and the most expensive, [...]