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POC Advisor™ Sepsis Module

Automate patient data collection and analysis to detect early symptoms of sepsis and deliver highly accurate alerts to frontline clinical staff that initiate timely, effective treatment.

The only sepsis surveillance solution on the market with achieved results published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. The module overcomes alert fatigue issues by delivering highly sensitive, specific alerts that build credibility with clinicians.

POC Advisor sepsis alert accuracy is unmatched in the industry

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Driving Down the Cost of Sepsis

Sepsis remains the most expensive condition treated in U.S. hospitals, with typical Medicare reimbursements only covering up to 65% of the cost of a sepsis diagnosis. Early identification and treatment are the keys to reducing the high cost of sepsis care and improving patient outcomes. POC Advisor delivers proven improvement in key sepsis care metrics:

Reduction in Mortality

Reduction in 30-Day Readmissions

Reduced Length of Stays

The High Cost of Sepsis

  • $20 Billion – Annual cost of sepsis in U.S. hospitals
  • $2,104 – Average cost per day for severe sepsis patient
  • 750,000 – Annual sepsis deaths
  • 30% – Average sepsis mortality rate
  • 20% – Ten-year inpatient mortality increase

POC Advisor Alert Types

Surveillance Diagnosis – Identify SIRS, sepsis, severe sepsis, severe sepsis with hypotension, and septic shock

Advice – Evidence-based clinical direction derived from IHI Surviving Sepsis guidelines

Reminders – Required acknowledgements close the loop on recommended interventions and workflows


A program consisting of change management and electronic surveillance with highly sensitive and specific decision support delivered to the point of care resulted in significant reduction in deaths from sepsis.

Read about findings from an IDC Health Insights case study assessing the impact of its POC Advisor clinical decision support product on sepsis identification and treatment at Huntsville Hospital.