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Unpacking “Analytics in a Modern Healthcare Setting” at the Health IT Summit

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The Cure for Dysfunctional CDS Source: HITECH Answers

Stopping sepsis in its tracks Source: Healthcare Purchasing News

Redefined Sepsis Affects Coding, Documentation Source: ForTheRecord

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Update on Saving Lives with Predictive Analytics Source: IntrepidNOW Podcast

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Targeting instances of sepsis at Huntsville Hospital Source: Health IT Leaders & News

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Seeking a sharper focus on sepsis Source: Health IT Leaders & News

When is a Fact not a Fact? Tackling Sepsis: the United States’ Deadliest Condition Treated in Hospital Intensive Care Units Source: Wolters Kluwer, Company News

Hospital Cuts Sepsis Deaths With Surveillance, Extra Training Source: Managed Care Magazine

Evaluating the impact of a computerized surveillance algorithm and decision support system on sepsis mortality Source: The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association